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4th Annual Meeting of the ACC-AQSM, Curtin University, Perth Western Australia

The fourth Annual Conference of the ACC-AQSM will be held in Perth, Western Australia from the 22 – 24 November 2018, and hosted by Curtin University.

We are currently preparing an exciting program for the conference, with application of sensors and utilisation of big data they generate as one of the major foci, as well as some exciting study trips to the Defence Science and Technology (DST) air quality monitoring facility at the Garden Island Naval Base (Rockingham), and for marine air monitoring at Point Peron and Rottnest Island.


2nd Mini ACC-AQSM Symposium, The Institute for Environmental and Climate Research (ECI), Jinan University, Guangzhou, China

The 2nd Mini ACC-AQSM Symposium is set to take place on Tuesday, 3 July 2018 at The Institute for Environmental and Climate Research (ECI), Jinan University in Guangzhou, where we will continue working on addressing the seven Big Questions:

  1. From the past to the future: sources of air pollution in China.
  2. Children born to cleaner air over China are healthier.
  3. Severe urban air pollution episodes: can we prevent them?
  4. Ozone: the growing treat and how to control it?
  5. Sensors: the technology of the future or a passing trend?
  6. Indoor air: a neglected element in the puzzle of the quest for clean air
  7. The dawn of the new reality:  clean air over China?

This mini symposium will build on and extend the work of the mini symposium held in Beijing last month, and will provide an opportunity for more members to participate. Everyone is invited and for more information, please contact Ms. Chantal Labbe ( or Dr. Hao Wang (

To view the agenda.

About the Jinan University

The Jinan University, established in 1906, is the first national university and jointly constructed by Overseas Chinese Affairs Office JNU_600of the State Council, Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and Guangdong Province. It is also the first Chinese university to enrol Chinese and foreign students. With the largest number of overseas students on campus, the Jinan University enjoys a well-earned reputation as the paramount academy for overseas Chinese and is one of the top 100 universities under the key Construction Project of the 21st Century of China.

The Institute for Environment and Climate Research (ECI) was founded in May 2016, and conducts original research with the overarching goal of understanding the major characteristics and controlling processes and investigation if mitigation technologies of air pollution and climate change. Findings of ECI’s research can contribute significantly to environmental and climate change sciences, more importantly, the research outcomes can benefit the people and the society substantially.

The ECI currently has four major research domains: namely observation, assessment and mitigation of atmospheric environment; environmental impacts on human health; chemistry of air pollution; and climate change focusing on clouds and precipitation.

The ECI has 46 members at present, including 10 professors, 5 associate professors, 1 distinguished associate researcher, 6 assistant professors, 5 postdoctoral researchers, 8 laboratory and administrative staffs, 11 research assistants, and 5 guest professors.  There is one Academician, one “Ten Thousand Scientific LeadeECI JNU_600r Awards” winner, three “Outstanding Young Scientist Awards” winners, and a number of other academic award winners. Among these faculty, 11 are accepting PhD students and 17 are accepting Master students. The ECI offers Master and PhD degrees in Ecology, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Sciences and Environmental Engineering, and Environmental Engineering. Faculty members of ECI currently carry out 16 nationally and province funded major research projects. In addition, there are 18 research and operational projects funded by urban governments. The annual total research funding from these funding agencies exceed 70 million.

The ECI collaborates with universities and research institutes worldwide. For instance, ECI has close ties in research with University of California, Berkeley, Max Planck Institute, Queensland University of Technology, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Tsinghua University, Peking University and Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry from Chinese Academy of Sciences. The ECI has also co-established research laboratories with many universities and institutes for sharing academic resources and research facilities. With these collaborations, students can benefit from a wider picture of global scientific researches.

In April 2018, the JNU-QUT Joint Laboratory for Air Quality Science and Management was unveiled and the JNU-QUT Joint PhD Program Agreement was signed.
Guangzhou CBD_600

Mini ACC-AQSM Symposium, 12-13 April, Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, Beijing, China

A Mini I ACC-AQSM Symposium took place in Beijing on 12 and 13th April, following the WHO Beijing Policy Roundtable for Clean Household Air and Health in China held on the 10th April, at which several members of Centre participated.  On 12th April the Symposium was hosted by the School of Environment, Tsinghua University, and on 13th April, by the World Health Organisation (WHO) Office in Beijing.

The Symposium was held primarily to continue working on addressing the seven Big Questions. An update on the progress of this work will be provided soon.

Please find below a group photo of Day 1 (Thursday, 12th April, focus on Big Questions 1, 2, 6 and 7) and Day 2 (Friday, 13th April, focus on Big Questions 3, 4, and 5).

Annual Meeting 2017, Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, Beijing, China

The 3rd Annual Conference of the ACC-AQSM will be held in Beijing from the 4 – 5th November 2017, and will be hosted by the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (CRAES). The annual conference was conducted in a 2017 Annual Meeting - CRAES, Beijing.001_SMLnew format this year, namely on outcomes, focusing on working together on a Special Issue of the journal of Science! Many thanks to those who joined us for the meeting many thanks to Professor Fahe Chai, Dr. Jian Gao and the entire CRAES team for hosting the meeting! The CRAES team has done a marvelous job and organised everything to perfection so our conference was very productive and also enjoyable. We achieved a lot during the meeting and are on a good track to start working on addressing the seven Big Questions.

The Venue:
Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences,
No. 8, Dayangfang, Anwai Beiyuan, Chaoyang, Beijing


The Program: View the program.

Annual Meeting 2016, Fudan University, Shanghai, China

The second Annual Meeting of the ACC-AQSM titled, Sino-Australia International Conference on Air Quality Science and Management, was held in Shanghai from the 20-22 October 2016, and hosted by the Fudan University.

The meeting provided an opportunity to consolidate and expand collaborative efforts of our Centre, and to discuss our progress and achievements. It is a platform for researchers, academics and practitioners to interact, share information and discuss their scientific work exploring frontier atmospheric science, as well as the related management technologies in both Australia and China.

Shanghai is located in the Yangtze River Delta in East China. In addition to its impressive natural landscapes, unique architecture, cultural diversity and welcoming tradition, it has also a strong research and industry related to atmospheric sciences.

VENUE: FUYUE HOTEL (Address: Line.208 Rongyue Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai 201613, P.R. China). For more information about the venue.

PROGRAM: View the Program or more photos

Registration and enquiries, please email the Organizing Committee: Professor Jianmin Chen (

General Centre enquiries: Please contact Chantal Labbe (

Annual Meeting 2015, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia

The first Annual Meeting of the ACC-AQSM was held at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia from the 30 November – 2 December 2015. The Centre celebrated the 1st anniversary since the Centre launch, and was attended by top Chinese and Australian experts in air pollution and its management.

ACC-AQSM Group Photo

The opening session summarized the status quo in Chinese and global air quality trends, as well as the state of the art of its management. Presentations were given by Professor Scott Sheppard, DVC (International & Development), QUT; Dr Christine Williams, Assistant Director-General, Science Division, DSITI, Queensland Government; Dr Yongchen Zhao, Consul General, The Consulate General of the P.R. China in Brisbane; Professor Lidia Morawska, ILAQH, QUT and Director – Australia, ACC-AQSM; Dr Jian Gao, CRAES and Secretary-General of the ACC-AQSM; Professor Jiming Hao, Dean of the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Engineering at Tsinghua University; Professor Jianmin Chen, Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, FDU; Professor Tong Zhu, College of Environmental Science and Engineering, PKU; and Dr Melita Keywood, Stream Leader, Aerosol Science and Climate Change, CSRIO. The program also included scientific sessions, field trips, and interactive discussions.

Overall, the Annual Meeting further refines plans for our research collaborations, and identification for longer term opportunities for staff and student exchange, professional development collaborations, and research developments that combine the expertise of a number of Chinese and Australian Universities and Institutes. View the Program or more photos.

ACC-AQSM Shanghai Workshop 2015

The ACC-AQSM workshop was held on the 29 October 2015 at the Hengshanbeijiao Hotel, Gucun Park, Shanghai, China. It was hosted by the Fudan University, and organised in co-operation with the East China University of Science and Technology, and the Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences. Participants in the workshop included, the Fudan University, Queensland University of Technology, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences, Chinese Shanghai_Workshop2015_SmallResearch Academy of Environmental Sciences, Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center, Tongji University, and Shanghai University.

The topic of the workshop included: a new generation of sensors – utilizing them for air quality and exposure assessments in Shanghai, particle characteristics and its health effects, ozonolysis of unsaturated fatty acids, monitoring and analysing sources of PM2.5 in Shanghai, efforts to improve indoor air quality for residential and office buildings, VOCs emission and its potential relation to SOA, development and application of multi-time resolution PM source apportionment, and source apportionment of fine particles and its chemical components over the Yangtze. Further opportunities for collaborative activities were identified.

Celebration at QUT 2015

On Wednesday, 3 June 2015, a Celebration of the opening of the Australian office of the ACC-AQSM at QUT, was hosted by the Institute for Future Environments at QUT. This event coincided with celebrating 20 Years of Queensland  Government and QUT Collaboration on Air Quality Monitoring. Presentations were given by Professor Scott Sheppard, DVC (International & Development), QUT; Dr Christine Williams, Assistant Director-General, Science Division, Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation (DSITI); Dr Yongchen Zhao, Consul General, The Consulate General of the P.R. China in Brisbane; Professor Lidia Morawska, ILAQH, QUT and Director – Australia, ACC-AQSM. There were about 50 people from QLD Government, QUT and other universities and institutes attending this event. View the Program.


活动 / 研讨会


第二届小型 ACC-AQSM研讨会将在广州暨南大学环境与气候研究所(ECI)举行,我们将继续致力于解决七大问题:

  1. 从过去到未来:中国空气污染的来源。
  2. 在中国干净空气中出生的孩子更健康。
  3. 严重的城市大气污染事件:我们可以预防吗?
  4. 臭氧:越来越多的治理以及如何控制它?
  5. 传感器:未来的技术还是即将过去的趋势?
  6. 室内空气:在寻求清洁空气的难题中被忽视的元素
  7. 新现实的曙光:中国的干净空气




暨南大学成立于1906年,是国务院侨务办公室,中华人民共和国教育部和广东省共同建设的第一所国立大学。 它也是第一所招收中外学生的中国大学。 暨南大JNU_600学拥有最多的海外留学生,是海外华人最高学院,是中国21世纪重点建设项目的百强大学之一。



ECI现有教职工46人,其中教授10人,副教授5人,副研究员1人,助理教授6人,博士后研究人员5人,实验室和行政人员8人,研究助理11人,客座教授5人。有一位院士,一位“万科学领袖奖”获得者,三位“杰出青年科学家奖”获奖者,以及其他一些学术奖获得者。在这些教师中,有11人接受博士生,17人接受硕士生。 ECI提供ECI JNU_800生态学,环境科学,环境科学和环境工程以及环境工程硕士和博士学位。 ECI的教职员工目前正在执行16个国家和省资助的重大研究项目。此外,还有18个由城市政府资助的研究和运营项目。这些资助机构每年的总研究经费超过7000万。

ECI与全球的大学和研究机构合作。 例如,ECI与加州大学伯克利分校,马克斯普朗克研究所,昆士兰科技大学,香港理工大学,清华大学,北京大学和中国科学院广州地球化学研究所的研究密切相关。 ECI还与许多大学和研究所共同建立了研究实验室,以共享学术资源和研究设施。通过这些合作,学生可以从更广泛的全球科学研究中受益。

Guangzhou CBD_600



此次讨论会主要是为了继续致力于解决七大问题。 将很快提供有关这项工作进展的最新情况。



ACC-AQSM第三届年会将于2017年11月4日至5日在北京举行,由中国环境科学研究院(CRAES)主办。今年的年会是以新的形式进行的,即2017 Annual Meeting - CRAES, Beijing.001_SML成果,重点是在科学杂志的特刊上合作! 非常感谢参加这次会议的人员,非常感谢柴发合教授,高健博士和CRAES全体团队主持的会议!CRAES团队做了一件了不起的工作,组织了一切都很完美,所以我们的会议非常有成效,也很愉快。 我们在会议期间取得了










中心总部问询:请联系Chantal Labbe (



会议开幕式总结了中国和全球空气质量趋势的现状,及其管理的现状。会议上,昆士兰科技大学国际与发展学会教授,Christine Williams博士,昆士兰州政府DSITI科学部助理总干事, 中华人民共和国驻布里斯班领事馆总领事赵永成博士, ACC-AQSM主席、昆士兰科技大学Lidia Morawska教授 ,ACC-AQSM总秘书长、中国环境科学研究院高健博

ACC-AQSM Group Photo

士,清华大学环境科学与工程研究所院长郝吉明教授,复旦大学环境科学与工程系陈建民教授,北京大学环境科学与工程学院朱彤教授,澳大利亚联邦科学院气溶胶科学和气候变化部负责人Melita Keywood博士发表了演讲。此项目还包括科学会议,实地考察和互动讨论部分。



2015ACC-AQSM 上海研讨会




2015年6月3日星期三,ACC-AQSM澳大利亚办事处举办了开幕庆祝活动,由昆士兰科技大学未来环境研究所主办。 这次活动与庆祝昆士兰州政府20周年和昆士兰科技大学空气质量监测协作会议同时举行。会上昆士兰科技大学DVC(国际与发展)Scott Sheppard教授,科学、信息技术和创新部 (DSITI)科学司助理总干事Christine Williams博士, 中华人民共和国驻布里斯班领事馆总领事赵永成博士, ACC-AQSM主席、昆士兰科技大学Lidia Morawska教授发表了演讲。约有来自昆士兰州政府,昆士兰科技大学,其他大学和研究所共50人参加这次活动。