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The Australia-China Centre for Air Quality Science and Management is hosted by three offices, the:

  • Queensland University of Technology, in Brisbane, Australia;
  • Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences in Beijing, China;
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, in Hong Kong, China.


  • 昆士兰科技大学,布里斯班,澳大利亚
  • 中国环境科学研究院,北京,中国
  • 香港科技大学,香港,中国

News 新闻

11 May 2018

The next Mini ACC-AQSM Symposium is set to take place on Tuesday, 3 July 2018 at The Institute for Environmental and Climate Research (ECI), Jinan University in Guangzhou, where we will continue working on addressing the seven Big Questions. This mini symposium will build on and extend the work of the mini symposium held in Beijing last month, and will provide an opportunity for more members to participate. Everyone is invited and for more information, please contact Ms. Chantal Labbe (chantal.labbe@qut.edu.au) or Dr. Hao Wang (haowang201314@126.com). For further information and to read more about the ECI and JNU, please visit the Events Page of our Centre website.

18 April 2018

A Mini ACC-AQSM Symposium took place in Beijing on 12-13 April, following the WHO Beijing Policy Roundtable for Clean Household Air and Health in China held on the 10 April, at which several members of Centre participated. On 12 April, it was hosted by the School of Environment, Tsinghua University, and on the 13 April, by the World Health Organisation (WHO) Office in Beijing. The Symposium was held primarily to continue working on addressing the seven Big Questions. Please find below a group photo of Day 1 (Thursday, 12 April, focus on Big Questions 1, 2, 6 and 7) and Day 2 (Friday, 13 April, focus on Big Questions 3, 4, and 5).

继4月10日举行的世界卫生组织北京清洁家居空气与健康政策圆桌会议之后,4月12日和13日在北京召开了MINI ACC-AQSM研讨会,会上多位中心成员参加。 4月12日,会议由清华大学环境学院主办,4月13日会议由世界卫生组织驻北京办事处主办。 此次研讨会致力于继续解决七大问题。 具体问题请参阅下方内容:第1天(4月12日星期四,专注于重大问题1,2,6和7),第2天(4月13日星期五,集中讨论重大问题3,4和5)。

6 April 2018

Following months of preparation, the sensor network at the Gold Coast is now operational and showing air quality data during the Gold Coast 2018 XXI Commonwealth Games. This is a project in which several members of the ACC-AQSM have been involved in. For more information, please see the link to the map and the link to the project website.

The News story of this has been picked up by Fairfax Media over the Easter weekend, and ran it nationally through The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Brisbane Times, etc.

经过数月的准备,黄金海岸的传感器网络现已投入运行,并在黄金海岸2018年XXI英联邦运动会期间显示空气质量数据。 这是ACC-AQSM多位成员参与的项目。欲了解更多信息,请参阅地图链接项目网站链接。Fairfax Media在复活节周末收集了这篇新闻报道,并通过The AgeSydney Morning HeraldBrisbane Times等进行全国性报道。
Slide for the Games KOALA_v.2_600

19 March 2018

From November 2017 to early February 2018, the Hong Kong and Shanghai Winter Sampling Campaign was carried out simultaneously in Shanghai and Hong Kong, led by Professor Hai Guo from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Professor Lidia Morawska from the Queensland University of Technology, Professor Yingjun Chen from the Tongji University, and Professor Rajasekhar Balasubramanian from the National University of Singapore. The project is a comparative study of emission, transformation and effects of urban pollution from Australia, Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong, and is funded by the Asian Universities Cluster (AUC) Center of Excellence in Civil Engineering. To read more about the campaign.

从2017年11月至2018年2月初,由香港理工大学海郭教授,昆士兰科技大学Lidia Morawska教授、陈颖军教授以及新加坡国立大学的Rajasekhar Balasubramanian教授领导的香港和上海冬季采样活动在上海和香港同步进行。该项目是澳大利亚,新加坡,上海和香港城市污染排放,转化和影响的比较研究,由亚洲大学集群(AUC)土木工程卓越中心资助。 去详细了解该活动

Professor Lidia Morawska visited the sampling site at the Cross-harbor Tunnel in Hong Kong (from left to right: Mr. Xiaopu Lyu, Prof Hai Guo, Prof. Lidia Morawska, Dr. Tengyu Liu, Mr. Haoxian Lu and Mr. Dawen Yao)

Professor Lidia Morawska visited the sampling site at the Cross-harbor Tunnel in Hong Kong (from left to right: Mr. Xiaopu Lyu, Prof Hai Guo, Prof. Lidia Morawska, Dr. Tengyu Liu, Mr. Haoxian Lu and Mr. Dawen Yao)  Lidia Morawska教授参观了香港过海隧道的采样点(从左至右:吕晓普先生,郭海教授,Lidia Morawska教授,刘丹宇博士,陆浩贤先生,姚大文先生)

9 February

Happy Spring Festival to ACC-AQSM Members! May the Year of the Dog be happy, prosperous and professional fulfilling to all members of the Centre.