3rd Annual Meeting

Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, Beijing, China

The 3rd Annual Conference of the ACC-AQSM will be held in Beijing from the 4 – 5th November 2017, and will be hosted by the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (CRAES). The annual conference was conducted in a 2017 Annual Meeting - CRAES, Beijing.001_SMLnew format this year, namely on outcomes, focusing on working together on a Special Issue of the journal of Science! Many thanks to those who joined us for the meeting many thanks to Professor Fahe Chai, Dr. Jian Gao and the entire CRAES team for hosting the meeting! The CRAES team has done a marvelous job and organised everything to perfection so our conference was very productive and also enjoyable. We achieved a lot during the meeting and are on a good track to start working on addressing the seven Big Questions.

The Venue:
Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences,
No. 8, Dayangfang, Anwai Beiyuan, Chaoyang, Beijing


The Program: View the program.


ACC-AQSM第三届年会将于2017年11月4日至5日在北京举行,由中国环境科学研究院(CRAES)主办。今年的年会是以新的形式进行的,即2017 Annual Meeting - CRAES, Beijing.001_SML成果,重点是在科学杂志的特刊上合作! 非常感谢参加这次会议的人员,非常感谢柴发合教授,高健博士和CRAES全体团队主持的会议!CRAES团队做了一件了不起的工作,组织了一切都很完美,所以我们的会议非常有成效,也很愉快。 我们在会议期间取得了