3rd Mini ACC-AQSM Symposium

The 3rd Mini ACC-AQSM Symposium is set to take place on the 15 January 2019, and is to be held at the Fudan University in Shanghai, and is hosted by Professor Jianmin Chen!

This Dazzle Lujiazui, Shanghai.mini symposium will build on and extend the work of the mini symposiums held in Beijing in April and in Guangzhou in July, and will provide an opportunity for more members to participate in addressing the seven Big Questions:

  1. From the past to the future: sources of air pollution in China.
  2. Children born to cleaner air over China are healthier.
  3. Severe urban air pollution episodes: can we prevent them?
  4. Ozone: the growing treat and how to control it?
  5. Sensors: the technology of the future or a passing trend?  
  6. Indoor air: a neglected element in the puzzle of the quest for clean air
  7. The dawn of the new reality:  clean air over China?
Venue address:

Conference Room 1015
Department of Environmental Science and Engineering 
Fudan University, Jiangwan Campus
NO. 2005 Songhu Road, Shanghai

The Program.

If you are interested in attending the Symposium, please let Chantal know (chantal.labbe@qut.edu.au).

If you have any other questions, please contact Professor Jianmin Chen (jmchen@fudan.edu.cn) and Dr. Lina Wang (wanglina@fudan.edu.cn).