Past News 昔日消息 2016

21 December 2016

A joint PhD agreement has been signed between the East China University of Science and Technology and the Queensland University of Technology! The agreement was finalised following QUT’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Coaldrake, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Scott Sheppard, Executive Dean Science and Engineering Faculty Professor Gordon Wyeth, and Ms Jacqueline Yuan’s visit to Shanghai earlier this year. Read more about the ECUST.

华东理工大学和昆士兰科技大学签署了联合博士学位协议!该协议于今年年初由昆士兰科技大学副校长Peter Coaldrake教授,常务副校长Scott Sheppard教授,科学与工程学院常务院长Gordon Wyeth教授最终签署,在此之前Jacqueline Yuan女士访问了上海。了解更多关于华东理工大学。
Signing agreement with QUT.001_SML

14 November  2016

Congratulations to Prof Hai Guo (HK PolyU), Prof Lidia Morawska (QUT), A/Prof Rajasekhar Balasubramanian (National University of Singapore) and Prof Yingjun Chen (Tongji University) on their successful Asian Universities Cluster (AUC) Center of Excellence in Civil Engineering grant titled, Impacts of Megacities on Regional Atmospheric Environment – A comparative study of emission, transformation and effects of urban pollution from Australia, Singapore, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. The project aims to gain insights into the emission characteristics, chemical transformation, and impacts on regional air quality of urban plumes from four major population centers in Brisbane, Singapore and China with different energy use and/or meteorology.

恭喜郭海教授(香港理工大学),Lidia Morawska教授(昆士兰科技大学),Rajasekhar Balasubramanian副教授(新加坡国立大学)和陈英俊教授(同济大学)成功获得亚洲大学丛集(AUC)中心杰出土木工程资助,名为“大城市对区域大气环境的影响–澳大利亚,新加坡,上海和香港城市污染排放,转化和影响的比较研究”。 该项目旨在了解布里斯班,新加坡和中国四个主要人口中心的城市羽流的排放特性,化学转化以及对区域空气质量的影响,且这些城市能源使用和/或气象情况不同。
(Pictured Prof Hai Guo, HK PolyU)

11 November  2016

The second Annual Meeting of the ACC-AQSM titled the, Sino-Australia International Conference on Air Quality Science and Management, took place in Shanghai from the 20-22 October 2016, and was hosted by the Fudan University. It was a successful meeting; a lot of interesting discussions took place! More details about the Annual Meeting will be circulated soon. To view the program and photos.

ACC-AQSM的第二次年度会议于2016年10月20 – 22日在上海举行,由复旦大学主办,名为中澳空气质量科学与管理国际会议。 会议举办成功,充满了很多有趣的讨论! 有关年会的更多详情将尽快发布。 查看相关照片

4 November  2016

The Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand invite you to attend the 23rd International Clean Air and Environment Conference, held from  15-18 October 2017 at Pullman Brisbane, King George Square, on the theme of ‘The Critical Atmosphere’.

Conference Registrations will open in April 2017 and we are now taking expressions of interest for the conference. Please visit their website to register your details to be informed of the latest program and speaker updates.

For any queries please contact CASANZ:

澳大利亚和新西兰的清洁空气协会邀请您参加第23届国际清洁空气与环境会议,会议于2017年10月15 – 18日在布里斯班乔治国王广场的铂尔曼酒店举行,会议主题为“至关重要的大气”。

会议注册将于2017年4月开始, 请访问该协会网站注册您的详细信息,以了解最新项目及演讲者信息。(。


19 October  2016

The 2nd Annual Meeting of the ACC-AQSM is upon us! View the Program. You can find all the current details about the Annual Meeting on the Events page.


14 October  2016

The Hong Kong PolyU is recruiting an Assistant Professor in Environmental Engineering / Science, specifically in Air Quality with background of modelling and/or monitoring and/or field measurements in secondary organic aerosols. Download the position description and please send your application to the Human Resources Office. The deadline for applications is: until the position is filled. If you have any questions relating to this position, please contact Prof Hai Guo (

香港理工​大学现招聘一名环境工程/科学的助理教授,有相关空气质量方面包括二次有机气溶胶的建模、监测或现场测量的背景人员优先。 请下载职位说明,并将申请发送至人力资源办公室。 申请日期至职位满员截止。 如果您对此职位有任何疑问,请联系郭海教授 (。

7 October  2016

The second Annual Meeting of the ACC-AQSM is fast approaching; it is only two weeks away now, and the Organising Committee are currently working on finalising the program! Can you please let Professor Jianmin Chen ( and cc A/Professor Lina Wang ( know if you are coming and what the title is of your presentation? You can find all the current details about the Annual Meeting on the Events page.


30 September 2016

Congratulations to Dr Svetlana Stevanovic from the Queensland University of Technology on her successful National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) Young Scholar grant, hosted by Dr Lina Wang from the East China University of Science and Technology, for a two year project titled: Investigation on the role of aging, different aerosol fractions, different sources and different conditions on the formation of SOA and Chemical ROS in urban environments.

祝贺昆士兰科技大学 Svetlana Stevanovic 博士成功获得中国国家自然科学基金委员会(NSFC)青年学者项目资助,该项目由华东理工大学王丽娜博士主持,项目为期两年,名为:气溶胶老化,气溶胶组分,来源和不同条件对城市环境中形成SOA和化学ROS作用的调查。
LinaWang_SML    SvetlanaStevanovic_SML
(Pictured L to R: A/Prof Lina Wang, ECUST; Dr Svetlana Stevanovic, QUT)
(图左至右:王丽娜教授,华东理工大学;Svetlana Stevanovic博士,昆士兰科技大学)

16 September 2016

Congratulations to Professor Zoran Ristovski from the Queensland University of Technology and to Professor Zhi Ning from the Hong Kong City University on their successful Hong Kong Research Council grant titled, Semi-volatile particulate matter (PM) species in roadside environment: Role in gas-particle partitioning and formation of oxidative potential!

祝贺来自昆士兰科技大学Zoran Ristovski教授和来自香港城市大学的Ning Zhi教授在其研究上取得的进展,该项研究由香港研究协会授名,道路半挥发性颗粒物(PM)在气粒分配和氧化电位形成中的作用。

5 September 2016

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University has released a call for a visiting exchange program titled the, Research Student Attachment Programme 2016/17 (1st Round), for any PhD student(s) who are interested to work/study in Hong Kong for a few months! Deadline for applications is Friday, 7 October 2016. If you have any questions relating to this scheme, please contact Prof Hai Guo ( Download the call and application form for this scheme.

香港理工大学发布了名为研究生实习计划2016 / 17(第一轮)的交流计划,任何有意在香港工作或学习数月的博士生均可参加。 申请截止日期为2016年10月7日。如有任何问题,请联系郭海教授(。请下载此计划的电话申请表

31 August 2016

A preliminary program for the second Annual Meeting of the ACC-AQSM  has been prepared. Please visit the Events page for all the details!


25 August 2016

A face-to-face meeting of the Executive Committee was held at the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences in Beijing on the 23rd June 2016, and the next one is scheduled for this coming Monday, 29 August 2016 via video conferencing. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for the EC to consider during the meeting!

(Pictured L to R: Dr Lina Wang, ECUST; Prof Lin Wang, FDU; Prof Hai Guo, HK PolyU; Prof Fahe Chai, CRAES; Prof Lidia Morawska, QUT; Dr Rohan Jayaratne, QUT; Dr Jian Gao, CRAES; and on Skype A/Prof Ben Mullins, CU)
(图从左至右:王丽娜博士,华东理工大学; 王琳教授,复旦大学;郭海,香港理工大学;柴发合教授,中国环境科学研究院;Lidia Morawska教授,昆士兰科技大学;Rohan Jayaratne,教授,昆士兰大学;高健教授,中国环境科学研究院; Ben Mullins教授(Skype), 科廷大学)

20 June 2016

Professor Tong Zhu from the Peking University was hosted by QUT in January-February of this year. Read more about the visit and the exciting new collaborative project which is led to.

(Pictured L to R: Dr Congrong He, QUT; A/Prof Xiang-Yu Hou, QUT; and Prof Tong Zhu, PKU)

20 May 2016

Congratulations to Professor Lidia Morawska from the Queensland University of Technology and to the members of the ACC-AQSM on their successful Australian Research Council Linkage Projects Grant, titled “Developing and utilising advanced networks for air quality sensing and analysis”.

恭喜昆士兰科技大学Lidia Morawska 和中国-澳大利亚空气质量科学与管理中心成员们获得澳大利亚研究协会联动项目资助,该项目名为“开发和利用先进的网络进行空气质量检测和分析”。

13 May 2016

The second Annual Meeting of the ACC-AQSM titled, Sino-Australia International Conference on Air Quality Science and Management, will be held in Shanghai from the 20th – 22nd October 2016, and hosted by the Fudan University.


16 March 2016

The Curtin University, which at the ACC-AQSM Annual Meeting in December last year, has officially joined the Centre as a new member, is moving fast in establishing new collaborative projects within the Centre. Curtin has expertise and facilities across a range of air pollution and health related areas that align well with the research themes and objectives of the ACC-AQSM. It is anticipated that the Curtin colleagues will provide a significant contribution to the work of the Centre. Read more

去年十二月中国-澳大利亚空气质量科学与管理中心年度会议上,科廷大学正式加入中心成为新成员,并与中心快速建立新的合作项目。科廷在一系列与空气污染与健康相关的领域具有的专业知识和设施,将更好契合中国-澳大利亚空气质量科学与管理中心的研究主题和目标。预计科廷成员将会在中心工作中做出重大贡献。了解更多Signing of the Addendum with Curtin University, new ACC-AQSM Member
(Pictured: Prof Scott Sheppard, QUT and A/Prof Ben Mullins, CU signing the agreement
(图:昆士兰科技大学Scott Sheppard教授和科廷大学Ben Mullins教授正在签署协议)

12 February 2016

Congratulations to Professor Hai Guo from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and to the members of the ACC-AQSM on their successful Collaborative Research Fund application to the Hong Kong Research Grants Council! Professor Guo, who led the application is currently our Featured Scientist. Read more details about him, the grant, and the other ACC-AQSM related collaborative projects.

祝贺香港理工大学郭海教授和中国-澳大利亚空气质量科学与管理中心的成员成功申请香港研究资助局合作研究基金!申请负责人郭教授是杰出的科学家。了解关于郭教授,授予资金和其他中国-澳大利亚空气质量科学与管理中心相关合作项目的更多细节Hai Guo_SMALL
(Pictured Prof Hai Guo, HK PolyU)

20 January 2016

Two NSFC projects involving collaboration of colleagues from the ACC-AQSM’s have been successful in receiving funding! For more details

JianGao_SMALL      BoguangWang_SMALL
(Pictured L to R: Leader of the NSFC project, Prof Jian Gao, CRAES; and Leader of the NSFC project, Prof Boguang Wang, JNU)