Professor Hai Guo 郭海教授


Hai Guo_SMALLProfessor Hai Guo completed his PhD in Australia and is now a Professor at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, as well as an Adjunct Professor at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia, and at the Wuhan University in China. Professor Guo’s major research interests include atmospheric chemistry and indoor/outdoor air pollution, and he is the editorial board member of the Atmospheric Environment and Aerosol and Air Quality Research journals. Professor Guo is an investigator of over 40 research projects with grants totalling over HK$45 million, and has published over 170 journal papers, book chapter and conference proceedings.

Professor Hai Guo and his team have has recently been awarded the following collaborative ACC-AQSM projects:

  • A proposal for a thermal desorption aerosol gas chromatograph and time of flight aerosol mass spectrometer has recently been awarded funding of HK$8,516,592 from the Collaborative Research Fund of the Hong Kong Government’s Research Grants Council (RGC) after several-round highly competitive defences. Led by Professor Hai Guo from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the equipment grant will significantly enhance research on airborne particles and their impact on health and the environment. The three-year project involves eight other researchers, including Professor Lidia Morawska of Queensland University of Technology, Professor Xiangdong Li of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Professor Chak Chan of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Professor Xinming Wang of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dr Linwei Tian of the University of Hong Kong, Dr Kin-Fei Ho and Dr Man-Nin Chan of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, as well as Dr Zi Ning of the City University of Hong Kong.
  • The formation and accumulation of photochemical ozone under the influence of continental and maritime air masses in subtropical Hong Kong and the Estuary of the Pearl River: Field observations and model simulations, HK$1,002,110 funded by Research Grants Council (PolyU 152052/14E)
  • Heterogeneous Chemistry of Atmospheric Reactive Nitrogen Oxides: An Integrative Programme for Cutting-edge Science, HK$4,980,000 funded by Research Grants Council under Collaborative Research Fund (CRF) scheme, CRF project (Co-Principal Investigator)

“Right now I am very excited about the opportunity to utilise the most advanced instruments recently obtained to deeply study aerosols and their effects on climate, air quality and health. I like travelling very much because it gives me the opportunity to figure things out that I would not have understood without the distance travelling, allows me recharge my “batteries”, and increases my knowledge and widens my perspective.” 


郭海教授在澳大利亚取得博士学位,现任香港理工大学教授,并在澳大利亚昆Hai Guo_SMALL士兰科技大学、中国武汉大学兼任教授。 郭教授的研究方向主要包括大气化学和室内/室外空气污染,他是大气环境、气溶胶与空气质量研究杂志编辑委员会的成员。 郭教授负责四十余个研究项目,项目拨款总额超过四千五百万港币,并发表过170余篇期刊论文、专书论文和会议记录。


  • 近年来,香港政府研究资助局(RGC)资助了一项名为热解吸气溶胶气相色谱仪和气溶胶质谱仪飞行时间的项目,资助金额为8,516,592港元。该项目由香港理工大学郭海教授领头,旨在加强对悬浮颗粒及其对健康和环境的影响的研究。项目为期三年,还有其他八位研究人员,包括昆士兰科技大学的Lidia Morawska教授,香港理工大学李向东教授,香港科技大学Chak Chan教授,中国科学院王新明教授,香港大学田林伟博士,香港中文大学Kin-Fei Ho博士及Man-Nin Chan博士,以及香港城市大学宁知博士。
  • 大陆和海洋气团对光化学臭氧形成和累积的影响:现场观测和模型模拟。由研究资助委员会资助,资助金额为1,002,110港元。(香港理工大学 152052 / 14E)
  • 大气反应性氮氧化物的非均质化学:前沿科学综合计划,由研究资助委员会合作研究基金(CRF)资助,计划资助金额为4,980,000港元,CRF项目(首席研究员)。

现在我很高兴有机会利用最先进的仪器深入研究气溶胶及其对气候,空气质量和健康的影响。 我非常喜欢旅行,因为它给了我机会去了解长途旅行前我不理解的事情旅行使我‘充电’,了我的知识,拓宽了我的视野