Photochemical Air Pollution in Highly Urbanized Subtropical Regions: from Micro Environments to Urban-Terrestrial-Oceanic Interactions, 2018-2023

This project was funded by a Hong Kong Research Grants Council Grant 2017, and is led by Professor Tao Wang (HK PolyU), Prof Guy Brasseur (Max Planck Institute, also a distinguished chair professor at HKPU), Professor Hai Guo (HK PolyU), Dr. Kin-fai Ho (Chinese University of HK), Professor Alexis Lau (HKUST), Professor Shuncheng Lee (HK PolyU), Dr. Chun-ho Liu (UHK), Dr. Peter Louie (Environment Protection Department of the Hong Kong Government), Professor Xinming Wang (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Dr. Zhe Wang (HK PolyU), Dr. Kenneth Leung (HK’s EPD), and Dr .Yingjun Liu (University of California at Berkeley).

This five-year project is currently in it’s second year. The key activities in the first year included: (1) development of the first high-resolution anthropogenic chloride emission inventory for China, experimental apparatus for soil emissions of HONO and biogenic emissions of VOCs, measurement techniques for radicals and organics, chamber for SOA mechanistic study, and urban LES models; (2) conducting comprehensive atmospheric observations at a coastal site to study urban-sea interactions in summer-autumn 2018; and (3) assessment of PM2.5 health effect in the PRD region.HKRCG2017TaoWang_600