Yangtze River Air Monitoring Campaign, November – December 2015

The Yangtze River Air Monitoring Campaign was carried out by Fudan University and was led by Professor Jianmin Chen from the FDU. Air and water quality measurements were mFieldCampaing_Yangtze5_Smlade from a research boat carrying over 60 state of the art, high quality scientific instruments while sailing from Shanghai to Wuhan and back over a period of two weeks. The ILAQH provided one instrument to monitor ultrafine particle concentrations in real time and this was installed on the boat by Dr. Rohan Jayaratne, Senior Research Fellow at the ILAQH. The Project was a success and we are presently analysing the results acquired. We expect this to result in several high quality scientific publications.The data is being analysed and the first paper is in preparation for submission in 2017-2018. View more photos

长江空气监测运动,201511 – 12

长江空气监测运动由复旦大学进行,由武汉大学陈建民教授领导。 空气和水的质量测量是从一艘载有60多种最先进的高质量科学仪器的研究船进行的,同时从上海开往武汉,并在两个星期内回来。 ILAQH提供了一个实时监测超细颗粒浓度的仪器,并由ILAQH高级研究员Rohan Jayaratne博士安装在船上。 该项目进展顺利,目前正在分析所获得的结果。 我们期望这将投往一些高质量的科学出版物。数据正在分析,第一份文件准备在2017-2018年提交。查看更多照片