Hong Kong City University Campaign, September – December 2015

The Hong Kong campaign was carried out by the Hong Kong City University (HK CityU), and was led by Professor Peter Brimblecombe and Professor Zhi Ning from the HK CityU.  Dr Svetlana Stevanovic was a Visiting Assistant Professor at City University of Hong Kong in the period September –December 2015. She participated in a research campaign that was a part of a project “Semi-volatile particulate matter (PM) species in roadside environment: Role in gas-particle partitioning and formation of oxidative potential”.
This project was a joint project of Professor Zoran Ristovski from QUT and Assistant Professor Zhi Ning from City University of Hong Kong funded by HK Research Grants Council.

Hong Kong City University CampaignMeasurements were carried out at two locations that represented background and road-side pollution. Evaluation of diurnal profiles of ROS concentrations at different locations in Hong Kong was done for the first time in Australasia. For the measurement of oxidative potential Particle Into Liquid Sampler (PILS) was used. This instrument was designed and made at QUT.

Furthermore, PILS was also used to measure the influence of semi-volatile organics to the overall oxidative potential and investigate further gas-particle partitioning. This campaign was done in December and January to characterize winter emissions. Corresponding summer campaign is planned for August in 2016.

Professor Zoran Ristovski was supervising the measurements and was a Visiting Professor in the School of Energy and Environment at the City University of Hong Kong. View more photos

香港城市大学运动,20159 – 12

香港运动由香港城市大学进行,由香港城市大学的Peter Brimblecombe教授和宁知教授带领。 Svetlana Stevanovic博士是2015年9月至12月期间在香港城市大学的访问助理教授。她参与了一个研究活动,这是一个项目“道路半挥发性颗粒物(PM)物种对气体 – 颗粒分配和氧化势的形成的作用”。这个项目由香港研究资助委员会资助,是香港城市大学教授Zoran Ristovski和副教授宁知的联合项目。


此外,PILS还用于测量半挥发性有机物对总氧化势的影响,并研究进一步的气体 – 颗粒分配。这项运动在12月和1月进行,以表征冬季排放。计划于2016年8月举行相应的夏季运动。

香港城市大学能源与环境学院客座教授Zoran Ristovski教授正在监督测量。第一篇论文已经提交,第二篇正在准备在2017-2018年提交。查看更多照片