Beijing Air Quality Monitoring Project, November – December 2015

The Beijing Air Quality Monitoring campaign was carried out by the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (CRAES) and was led by Professor Fahe Chai, Vice-President of the CRAES.  Dr Congrong He and Dr Rohan Jayaratne, Senior Research Fellows from the International LaboraFieldCampaing_Beijing1_Smltory for Air Quality and Health (ILAQH) , Queensland University of Technology (QUT) spent five days in Beijing assisting with the project.  The ILAQH provided a neutral cluster and air ion spectrometer to support this project. This is the first time that ion clusters and particles have been monitored in Beijing in the actual size range where particle formation takes place. The monitoring period included several highly record breaking polluted haze days. The data was processed and analysed by one of ILAQH’s PhD students, Ms Buddhi Pushpawela. The first paper was submitted for publication and a second is in preparation. View more photos

北京空气质量监测项目,201511 – 12

北京空气质量监测运动由中国环境科学研究院(CRAES)进行,由CRAES副主席柴发合教授领导。 昆士兰科技大学空气质量与健康国际实验室(ILAQH)高级研究员Rown Jayaratne博士和昆山科技大学(QUT)在北京耗时5天协助该项目。 ILAQH提供了一个中性簇和空气离子光谱仪来支持这个项目。 这是第一次在北京监测粒子形成的实际尺寸范围内的离子簇和粒子。 目前的数据正在由ILAQH的博士生Buddhi Pushpawela女士处理和分析。第一篇论文被提交出版,第二篇正在准备之中。