Low-Cost PM Sensors in Beijing and Brisbane, June 2016 – December 2016

The Low-cost PM sensors in Beijing and Brisbane campaign is being carried out by the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (CRAES). The studies include both laboratory and field investigations with two existing PM sensors and a new sensor that has not been tested before. The studies are investigating the effect of type of aerosol, particle size, number concentration, temperature and relative humidity. A number of low-cost PM sensors are being tested at CRAES and at QUT. The results will be presented in a research paper and it is intended that a PhD student, Xiaoting Liu, from the QUT will go to CRAES in 2017.

北京和布里斯班低成本PM传感器,20166 – 201612

北京和布里斯班的低成本PM传感器正在由昆士兰科技大学(QUT)和中国环境科学研究院(CRAES)进行。 研究包括实验室和现场调查两个现有的PM传感器和一个未经测试的新传感器。 研究正在研究气溶胶类型,粒度,数量浓度,温度和相对湿度的影响。 许多低成本PM传感器正在CRAES和QUT进行测试。 结果将在研究论文中展现。昆士兰大学的博士生刘晓婷可能2017年前往CRAES交流。